The Lunar Cycle is a game mechanic that can cause many things to happen among the ranch. It affects all aspects of the ranch, aside from newbucks and bosses. Knowing what Lunar Stage it is in, you can prepare, just in case.

Lunar Effects

All effects are listed below and may be added onto.

Moon Stage Slime Effects Food Effects Tarr Effects Gold/Lucky Effects Rancher Effects Moonlight Extra Info
Full Moon All slimes 25% more aggressive (if harmful before) Crops grow faster (20%) Tarrs are stronger, faster, and live longer. Gold Slimes come out, Lucky doesn't appear. 50% more energy, 50% less health. All areas are brighter. Howl Slimes will turn into their Wereform. Ruby Slimes turn hostile and uncontrollably

shoot moonbeams.

New Moon All slimes are peaceful. Crops grow slower Tarrs die 50% faster Gold Slimes don't appear, Lucky Slimes come out. 50% more health, 50% less energy. All areas are darker. Ruby Slimes turn hostile, trying to stalk you.
*Blue Moon (extra full moon) All slimes 50% more aggressive Crops grow faster (20%) Tarrs have a small chance (0.01%) to become a Celestial Tarr when the largo is becoming a Tarr. Everyone who hasn't become feral hides except Howl Slimes and Ruby Slimes. No slimes in sight! 75% more energy, 75% less health Ranch is twice as bright as the normal Full Moon. Ruby Slimes go on a rampage and attack anyone they see.
*Blue Moon (blue tint) All slimes 25% less aggressive. Crops have a chance to produce more than usual. Tarrs incredibly weaker. All slimes except nocturnal slimes try to hide. All stats +25% Moon's light is tinted blue. Phosphor Queen becomes incredibly powerful, Ruby Slime gets increased stats.
*Blood Moon All slimes are as aggressive as Ferals. Already aggressive slimes deal 200% more damage. Crops can wither at any moment. When a tarr is created, it also creates a Killer Slime. All slimes hide away. All stats halved, you can't sleep. Moon's light is tinted red. Boss Attacks are twice as hard. This night is nicknamed "Doomsday Night." Ruby Slime becomes a carnivore, turns hostile, stalks or shoots moonbeams at anyone it sees, and gets incredibly powerful.
*Harvest Moon All slimes are calm. You cannot fight bosses on this day. Crops produce 2x the amount they usually do. All Tarrs become Gold Slimes! If they do not fade away before the end of the Harvest Moon, they become Gold Tarrs. All slimes come out to rejoice! All stats doubled! Moon's light is tinted gold.
*Eclipse Slimes are either aggressive or very passive. Crops grow 2x faster but can die at any moment All tarrs have a 50/50 chance to either become a Gold Slime or a powerful Tarr. All Gold and Lucky slimes come out. All stats set at a random number. The ranch turns bright, then dark, and bright again, then keeps repeating. Can spawn the rumored slime.

*Will not appear before Day 10 to prevent noobs from getting bombarded with aggressive slimes (Blood Moon) or be treated like constant luxury (Harvest Moon)

Custom Moons

Custom moons added here. Edit it in yourself or put it in the comments.

Name Slime Effects Food Effects Tarr Effects Gold/Lucky Effects Rancher Effects Moonlight Extra Info Added by...
Screaming Moon All slimes are now agressive, through bites N/A More agressive No golden or lucky slimes will emerge -25% all stats You can hear the moon screaming at the top of it's... lungs? Unze2Unze4
Moon of Doom All slimes are EXTREMELY Feral. The Crops can turn into slimes. Gold and Lucky are Feral and do not disappear. 1% chance to be replaced by Gold Tarr All stats are lowered to 10. you can not go to sleep, You can't vac up anything If you die you lose your world (harsh!) MrYokai AndWatch902
Corrup#ed moon Random Random Ran&om Random Random Random Random Random (unze2unze4)
Dual Moon Slimes that aren't nocturnal have a 2% chance to become feral. Crops grow normally Unusual AI, peaceful to players but try to jump into incinerators or the slime sea. Gold and Lucky Slimes take 3 times as long to go away. 50% less health and 50% more energy on the first half of the night, vice versa on the other half. The Moonlight is normal, however the second moon may cover some of the firsts light, making it darker sometimes. The second moon is likely an asteroid in the Far Far Ranches orbit. There's a chance that 3 moons will appear, but effects are the same. Mattycn
Tabby Moon All Slimes replaced with Tabby Slimes N/A Less aggressive (and might meow) Lucky Slimes spawn faster and despawn slower N/A Moon has a cat face shadow Meow Danceykitty
Moon of Real Doom All slimes disappear N/A All Tarr disappear All Lucky and Gold Slimes disappear N/A N/A Spawns the True Final Boss, the Slime Seed MrYokaiAndWatch902
Moonless Night All slimes are replaced with the space variants of slimes. N/A All of them become antimaTARR Replaced by Nebula Slimes. N/A There's no moon, it's replaced by a blue-pink tinted nebula. I GOT A SICK OBSESSIOOOOON.  MixieRoast
Major/Rainbow Moon Slimes get crazy, Ink Slimes appear If a favorite food, produces 10 plorts and becomes hyper. Else, 5. Turns into Yin Yang Slimes Gold replaced with Money Slime. Lucky replaced with Illuminti Slimes Everything is brought up to 1000000, you could feel the power of no-scope to suck in everything, you get Sanic Speed, you can walk on the Slime Sea It's so bright that you get MLG powers The Moon wears MLG Glasses MrYokaiAndWatch902
MOGOMOONO Slimes act crazy Crops are most likely to explode with Airhornz Tarrs can summon Tarr Largos at any moment, Tarr Largos are stronger, Fake Slimes appear 1% chance to get a Gold or Lucky Slime, 99% chance to get a Robber Slime DO YOU WANNA HAVE A BAD TOM? ALL STATS GET LOWERED TO 1! Space Station S. L. IME is on earth! Loox like another book called: "Spell Necromancy" is found on the Moss Blanket. You unlocked the way a Mogomoono spawns and some Spell Slimes. MrTemmieAndSwap (MrYokaiAndWatch)
Noir Moon Non-aggressive slimes are frozen like statues that turn to look directly at you, even if you're out of sight. Aggressive slimes can go through corrals They are unable to be collected. Tarrs attempt to grab you, and you only. Once they touch you, they explode. They now float and follow you like ghosts, unable to be interacted with. HP gets glitchy and constantly randomizes, but can never kill you by itself. It becomes very, very dark. You can barely see infront of you. Occurs only during Late-October. Derpagonair
Waluigi Moon

All slimes turn into Wario and Waluigi Slimes.

Wario and Waluigi slimes turns into more SWAG versions.

All fruits turn into Wario Fruits and all Veggies turn into Waluigi Veggies Tarr turn into Warwaluigiario Lucky turns into Lucky Warios and Gold into Gold Walugis Rancher turns into Waluigi/Wario It's Purple

Appears randomly.

Lime moon "Lime" has a rare chance to appear on this night instead of any other slime Vegetables grow better. Tarr's are rarer, but stronger Lime might appear instead of one. Health is a bit more, ready for a Lime fight. So is energy. Lime-colored AND Lime-flavored Appears randomly after Day 25 Squidy822
Feral Moon All feral slimes spawn, hunter largos and all feral slimes become feral towards non-feral slimes and try to attack, any largo not killed by these slimes turns into a feral slime. Nothing happens with the crops by themselves,

but feral slimes may destroy the crops.

Tarrs are not formed, instead turning the slime into a feral slime and infecting it with Tarr Disease. Does not appear. +25% energy, -25% health. If you get bitten by a feral slime, there is a chance that you may get knocked out. If that happens, you respawn in a random place on your ranch, and some of your slimes are missing. There is a faint red glow, and a red ring around the edge of the moon. Feral slimes can break through corrals. It is implied that the feral effects can spread to ranchers (see Rancher Effects). This moon will not appear before you have unlocked the Moss Blanket (just to rub it in your face if you have hunter slimes). PopsicleNinja


Astral Slime

Appearance based on the descriptions.

There are a couple of weird theories going around that have to do with this lunar cycle. Some of them could be true and some are just complete child's play.

  • The Lost Slime Theory
    • A few ranchers have reported an odd slime appears on every few full moons and 100% on both Blue Moons.
    • Their appearance is indescribable, but one managed to draw what they saw. It turned out like so.
    • They currently have no name because apparently you can copyright for slime names. (Astral and Eclipse were not made, but were being claimed to be made in the future. More than slightly peeved.)
      • >:c
  • The Rainbow Moon Theory
    • A first-grader very mature individual had said that, if there were a Blue Moon, a Blood Moon (red), and a Harvest Moon (gold/yellow), then wouldn't that mean if they were to combine they'd make a rainbow? Many nodded, because if you can mix your primary colors you'd understand. Scientists are on the lookout for a Purple Moon and a Green Moon, since Harvest already looks like orange.
  • Moonlight Properties
    • It is well known that certain moons cast certain effects for the good or the worse. What causes these effects is being studied, between the color, if chemical gas is released... ect.
  • The Firefly Theory
    • Many already know of the Phosphor Queen and some think that she gains extra power during a Blue Moon (blue tint). If this is a true theory, we could learn alot about Phosphors.


  • This is Derpagonair's first game mechanic!
  • I'd probably submit this into this competition if it was still running.
  • The moon gets a purple tint in The Traveller's Turf.
  • Who knew there'd be a moon cycle on the Far, Far Range?
  • If a slime is in a Corral with a Solar Shield and it would act as if the moon was out. If a full moon was going to happen once the sun went down, a slime in a Solar Shield will act like it was night. This can help you tell what type of moon is coming during the day.
  • Eclipses are the rarest out of all of them. Only 25% of full playthroughs get to see it once, and only 5% see it more than once in a playthrough.
  • If you defeat the Danceykitty boss battle, a harvest moon will never appear again until you make a new game, reverse the effects by defeating the Despair Slime, or reverse by completing the game and defeating the end boss.
  • If you have a special slime (such as Danceykitty's Mr. Tabbs) then, since it is your own character, you can decide whether the slime gets affected by the moon (No, you can't just have only beneficial effects, either. Sorry.)
  • Smarty Slimes are 60% less affected by Moon, but will harvest mostly when there is Harvest Moon.