Lord Goldarr is a Golden Tarr that you must fight after you have killed/cured 30 Gold Tarrs and have beaten every boss. He is similar to the Photoshop Flowey Boss from Undertale. Once you have killed/cured your thirtieth Gold Tarr, the screen goes black. You see text show up typed character by character automatically. He has 100 HP It reads as this:


No humans have EVER done that to the Tarr Population. I can't believe how stupid you are.

You know what? Your power to save and reload the game, LET ME HAVE IT!

Now it is time..."

After this, a huge mechsuit with a Golden Tarr in it's torso (there is a window in it) that wears a general cap comes towards you. The battlefield is completely black (except the characters). If you try to leave the game and reload, before the main menu comes up, this happens:

"You noob. You can't run away."

Then, you end up back at the fight. If you die, the game closes itself.


Uhh... I don't see why I put this here. He has all the powers of all the bosses in the wiki.

The fight

You hear a Tarr themed remix of Death By Glamour as the song. You must survive all of his deadly attacks. After 3 minutes, you are teleported to Dr. Raddies arena. You must survive for 2 minutes in this one. While the battle goes on, Raddies head is all covered in white blocks. After 2 minutes, you hear her say "Oh, wait. I remember you. Here. Take this spare laser." The reason why you need it is because you can't use any crafted items in the fight, and the Vac Tank slots are just gone. Use L to use the laser. It deals 3 damage to the boss every 3 IRL seconds. You must bring him down to 75 HP. Then, you are teleported to the Rock Bosses arena, which still has white blocks everywhere on the head. You have to live for 1 minute. After 1 minute, the Rock Boss realises you already beat him. Then, the fight against the Lord Goldarr continues. You must survive while the Rock Boss attempts to take him down to 68 HP. Then, the Grass Boss.

If you have not realized yet, all the Bosses have the White Blocks moving around their heads. Survive for 3 minutes until the Grass Boss realises you already beat it. Then, survive while the Grass Boss attempts to take Lord Goldarr to 55 HP.

After that, Tarrlossus. Survive 30 Seconds until the Over Sized Tarr realises that you already beat it. Then, you have 3 vac tanks. One is filled with 30 Rock Slimes, one is filled with 25 Boom Slimes, and the last is filled with 10 Rad Slimes. Shoot them out of the gun and wait for them to bring the boss to 47 HP. Then, Gold Boss. Survive for 4 minutes.

After 4 minutes, the Gold Boss realises that is was already beaten. There are then 50 Gold Rock Largos fighting the mechsuit. Wait until it is taken down to 34 HP.

Then, you are teleported to an area where no one is. All the Bosses that you defeated come up to you. They give you all the power you need, and eventually go away.

Not only all the bosses (and their minions) are fighting, but you have all those Rock, Boom, and Rad slimes in your vacpack, and you have your laser. Bring the boss all the way down to Zero HP. All the Bosses run away, while the mechsuit is exploding repeatedly. After a while, the mechsuit explodes into nothing, and Lord Goldarr is dead and is never to be dealt with again. You are sent back to the Main Menu screen of Slime Rancher and you have All of your save files back.


The Tarr

A regular Gold Tarr, just wearing an army general hat.

The Suit

A machine that closely resembles Photoshop Flowey, just having a pair of Legs in addition to the arms. It also has Hover Boots, making it fly at some points in battle.


  • One of the few bosses to lack "Boss" in their name.
  • He is very similar to the Omega Flowey fight.
  • If you open up the Esc menu in the fight, the fight still pauses. The Emergency Return, Report a Bug, and Save and Quit buttons are all greyed out.
    • Because the Save and Quit button is greyed out, you have to quit by either doing ALT + TAB, CTRL + SHIFT + ESC, or CTRL + ALT + DELETE.
  • If you beat him, open a Save File (or a new one) where you never done anything to reach him, and do all that stuff you did you get trapped in his fight, he actually does not appear. Instead, some text appears on the screen saying "There is no point in fighting you again. The bosses would just revolt and kill me again." After 30 seconds, the text goes away.
    • Upon beating the Apocalypse Slime, opening a new save file, and then doing all the things you did to reach him again, he appears again.
  • Once you have already died to him 10 times, a button called "Skip fight" will appear in the Esc menu. It brings the boss ALL the way down to 5 HP and starts the Boss Revolt, making it possible to get your Slime Rancher back if you can never beat him.
  • Not even the author himself does not really care much about this page, seeing as he only made this because he HAD to make something.
    • He does not feel like putting it for adoption.
  • An option to disable the fight can be in the Options Menu. It must be checked OUTSIDE of the fight.
    • When you hover over it, it says "You might wanna click this because there is a Boss that disables your ability to leave and go to a different save file until you beat it in any way possible." The words next to the check-box say "Disable Lord Goldarr Fight"