lime Is a slime of pure evil. It is a boss.

lime Battle Starter/Cutscene

To start the battle, you'll see that at the beginning a lime-slime wanders your ranch doing nothing productive. If you try to feed it anything it will ignore it. To start the battle, it is expensive, since you must offer it a gold plort. It will just stare at the plort for a second, then a tounge will whip out and eat the plort. It chews a little, closing its eyes to savor the taste. Then, it will open its eyes and keep its mouth open wide, revealing an eye on its tounge, initiating the battle. During the battle, any gardens, silo's, corrals, slimes, etc, on your ranch will temporarily disappear. It will rarely appear any day past Day 25 OR Rarely on a Lime Moon.

lime Attacks

Glob Spit

He will spit globby stuff too attack you. They glob stays on the ground and, if walked over, will poison you.

Eye Brawl

It will try and hit you with the eyeball on its tounge. Doesn't do much, but is very hard to dodge.

lime 2

lime will summon another lime temporarily for its next attack, which will happen twice.

lime's boom-boom-o-ramma.

If this happens after lime 2, your doomed. it doesn't happen much, but basically, he makes about 10 feral boom slimes fall out of the sky.

lime How 2 Defeat

For this boss, you just have to wait it out. Eventually, the gold plort will digest, and he will turn regular again and fly off into the sky. Also, for beating it, you get 3 Rad Plorts, 3 Grass Plorts, and 3 Dragon Plorts. (Credit to makes of Dragon and Grass Slimes!)


  • Squidy822's first original boss!
  • lime likes pears...
  • Those with keen eye's will see that, rarely, in the night sky, you will see a Lime Star. That is said to be lime, who flew into the sky, being fed finally.
  • lime is the opposite of lemon.
  • lime