"So yummy you will Like it! *rimshot*" -Slimepedia

Likes are a special type of food that, like memes, come out of the ranch computer. They are rare to encounter, as there is a 0-1% chance of them occurring other than a meme.

Slimepedia Entry


Likes are a Misc. food type.

Favored By

Gaming Slime 2.0

On The Ranch

Feed them to Gaming Slimes, and they will shoot out two things, a Like, and a random game, (the game acts like a plort, so nothing special there) if you have a ton of Gaming Slimes, you can have tons of Likes! Of course, you can also copy and paste them from the ranch computer.


It appears to look like a thumbs up. I guess its saying "I like your style of ranching!" Well, continue ranching the way you do!


  • Likes are funny.
  • Likes are from real hands. It makes it more like a "Spooktato" huh?