"This slime is totally indestructable"

Legendary Rock Slime is the second boss out of the legend slime group.


A rock slime with a darker hue and sharper spikes. Slightly bigger than a largo.


Only comes on day 20 when you have joined the boss bombardment challenge. Spawns in the ranch. Any damage done will be reversed.



You are teleported into the grotto even if you don't own it. (You will be teleported out after) LRS then emerges from the ceiling.



  • Earthquake Slam - LRS jumps on the ground, making holes everywhere. This is always the first attack and is not used again. The holes also stay throughout the battle.
  • Rocky Suprise - Feral Rock Slimes jump out of the holes, chasing you.
  • Rock n' Roll - LRS rolls towards you. Instant kill if hit. LRS does this once after every attack.
  • Plort Traps - Plorts fall from the ceiling. They cannot be vacpacced and damage you if you step on them.
  • Big Rock Bash - Big rocks home in on you from the ceiling.
  • Spike Walls - Spikes come from the ground, blocking you.


LRS bursts into a bunch of rocks and crates. The whole of the grotto is shook by this.The Crates contain many items and Rock Slimes. It is guaranteed that you will get 2 Gold Slimes and a Gold Plort from these crates.


  • Small Crystals appear. You can vac them up and place them down so when LRS rolls towards you he'll be damaged by them. This eventually defeats LRS.