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These slimes, as their name entails, have a laser-like feature replacing the slime's eyes.







Laser Slimes, like Bulb Slimes, are of unknown origin. Due to laser slimes' plorts creating the perfect core for a Holophone, the slimes were likely genetically modified before the Power Plant was abandoned.

Rancher Risks

These slimes, if left hungry for too long, will eventually fire a laser every in-game hour (One Minute) at the player, which deals 30 damage.


The plort of these slimes can create a perfect, reliable, cheap holophone core. This could be due to the high amount of Coco-Cores they consume.


These slimes have the body shape of a pink slime, but grey. They also have a structure on their head that looks like connected sunglasses. There is a wire-like object from that to the back of the slime.

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