This slime is swimming with the fishies.

Lake slimes are the relatives of Puddle Slimes who swim in deeper water, instead of floating at the surface like Puddle Slimes.



Kelp, Aqua Slimes, Aqua Plorts


Aqua Slimes

Slime Toy

Old Boot. These slimes always find boots when they try to find fish, too.


Lake Slimes have an interesting history. They are thought to be descended from the ancient slimes that existed before the slime sea shrunk -there is evidence that ancient kelp forests existed long ago.

However, some people say that it's the other way around. They point out that the physiology of Puddle Slimes is very rudimentary, and that Lake Slimes are more evolved than Puddle Slimes.

Rancher Risks

Lake Slimes like to eat Aqua Slimes and plorts, and will gladly consume them if you keep them in the same tank. What's more, Aqua Slimes are attracted to Lake Plorts, so don't even put Aqua Slimes near Lake Slimes or they will escape! Make sure that your slimes don't escape, either, because like Puddle Slimes, they will dry up if they are out of water.


Lake plorts are useful as bait and fish food, because fish are attracted to lake plorts, and they really seem to enjoy eating them, too. For Aqua Slimes, lake plorts act like food and do not turn them into largos, making them valuable for many ranchers who can't grow kuycumbers


Lake Slimes are blue-green, the color of the slime sea. They have a small fin on their head.


  • Lake Slimes can jump fairly high from their tank. Don't even put aqua slimes in the tank next to them, because they can and will escape.
  • If you can't feed your aqua slimes kuycumbers, then lake plorts can be a valuable substitute.

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