"Oh my swirls!"

Komaslime is a country side slime that lives in the Indigo Quarry. He is a mini-boss as he doesn't trust humans the moment he sees them, and will test them to see if they are a good owner.

Slimepedia entry

Diet: Fruit

Favourite: Pogofruit

Slimeolegy: Komaslime is a country-side-dwelling slime that speaks with a slight southern accent. He, along with Slime-ajiro, are looking for a new area to camp out after a slime famine destroyed all their crops, which eventually lead to them taking down their farm and selling the wood and land to humans, who changed the farm area into a very smoky factory. Devastated as they watched their old home turned deforested of the trees, the saddened Komaslime left the area along with Slime-ajiro. Together, they survived until they reached the Far, Far Range and found themselves in the Indigo Quarry.

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