"There's something fishy about these..."
Koi Beans are water equivalents to Soy Beans.

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On the Ranch

Koi Beans either require Sprinklers on farm plots, or be grown in ponds, with the latter being faster. They will multiply over time by absorbing nutrients from its surroundings.


Beans with koi patterns. Some beans have special designs, resembling different variations of koi, such as Tancho, Asagi and the classic Doitsu. Sometimes they'll grow with fins, others with koi tails, rarely both.


  • Koy Milk and Artificial Soul Substitute can be made from Koi Beans using a Refinery. Rumors say they can even be made into Koy Sauce and Tofu, and other soy products.
  • Could be popular in Eastern countries, but veggies sadly can't be sold.



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