"No prob, they said they're hamless."


The kitsune slime is a slime that scares you if you're at night. It is very rare, but more common at night.

Slimepedia Entry


The Kitsune slime is a slime that appears on night. Some ranchers have said that it can devour you. But don't worry! Use the upgrade called "Shield", it might be helpful.

Rancher Risks

As i've said before.They're dangerous, but if you buy the upgrade, that is called "Shield", you can protect yourself. Be careful if it has 9 tails.


With their plorts, ranchers use them as slime masks! They can disappear when it's on the water, so be very careful and don't put your Kitsune slime on water.


They look like a Kitsune,and the nine-tailed Kitsune slimes are very rare to found. The nine-tailed Kitsune slimes are very dangerous, and they can be gold or white.


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