"Slimes go to Jupiter to get stupider..."

Diet: Fruit

Favourite: Juniper

Occurrence: The Sky Islands

Favourite Toy: Slimescope

Default Plort Value: 85

Slimeology: The Jupiter Slime is a rather strange specimen. It is the same size as a largo and has the ability to float on air! As you may imagine, this slime's natural habitat is The Sky Islands, and sometimes it can be seen on The Dry Reef at night like the Phosphor Slime.

Rancher Risks: There is no real risk for the Jupiter Slime, however in the wild if their hungry they will emit a hot gas that slowly damages the rancher if in a certain radius. The gas also agitates slimes faster.

Plortonomics: The plorts created by these slimes can be used by scientists to create heated seats for cars, can be used for drink heaters and much more!

Appearance: Basically the same as Jupiter.

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