Junk food is a category of items that fruit-eating slimes really like eating, and cannot go for more than two weeks without eating them -but these are not true food items, and slimes get no hunger restored from eating them.

Honey Items

This is a category of items that can be found in hives all over the Range and glass desert, dripping from them as hardened honey "candies". Honey is a mysterious thing, as the type of flower used to make the honey can greatly influence the taste of the honey. Here are the specific items:

Item Appearance Found
Honey Dark Orange Anywhere
Wildflower Honey Golden Moss Blanket
Royal Jelly Purple Anywhere
Pepper Jam Reddish Orange Glass Desert
Fireflower Honey Amber Indigo Quarry, Ash Isle
Starflower Honey Pale Golden Ancient Ruins
Tactus Flower Honey Yellow Glass Desert

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