Template:Infobox Slime"'Its name means 'Binding Slime' so you know its bad."

The Jorōgumo Slime is an rare slime that seems friendly, but when your back is turned it will attack! Jorōgumo Slimes live in Prism Falls and love eating Grunts.

Info in the Slimepedia

Diet = Meat

Favorite = Grunt


Jorōgumo Slimes are a rare breed of slime found near waterfalls. They seem nice and friendly at first glance, but these spider-like slimes will attack whilst the rancher's back is turned...

Rancher Risks

As stated above, Jorōgumo Slimes will only attack if they think they are not being watched. This is problematic because it makes it nearly impossible to put multiple Jorōgumo Slimes in free-range areas as they will sneak up on the rancher when they least expect it. Jorōgumo Slimes are very hard to feed as they will only eat if nobody is looking!


Not only do Jorōgumo Slime Plorts keep pesky insects away, but the threads surrounding Jorōgumo Plorts are extremely strong and can stop a jet engine!!!


Jorōgumo Slimes are black slimes with six spidery legs and the face of a Japanese woman.


  • The Jorōgumo Slime's favorite slime toy is a Jorōgumo Silk Fan