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Jellyfish Slimes appear on the small, healthy rivers that are on the Slime Zoo. These slimes are incredibly kind, and they love to play with other animal slimes that decide to take a bath on the rivers, even if they accidentally get shocked. Although Jellyfish Slimes are kind, they WON'T share their favorite food, Seaclams, to any other slime, not even to other Jellyfish Slime, and will ward them off with purposal shocks. To make the Slime Zoo a more peacefull place, Jellyfish Slimes don't eat plorts, unless they are directly shot at them.

Rancher Risks

Just touching a Jellyfish Slime while it is glowing will result into a rancher getting shocked, but, unlike the jellyfishes on Earth, the burn marks on the skin of a shocked rancher will quickly disappear after the rancher bathes the burn mark on the Slime Sea. Going closer to one when it is eating a Seaclam is a terrible ideia, since the Jellyfish Slime will shock you stronger this time. Also, Jellyfish Slimes won't live outside water. However, they will run in direction of ponds and rivers.


Jellyfish Plorts are plorts made out of a goey, plastic-like substance that changes between rainbow colors if shake quickly. On Earth, people are switching their lava lamps, and sometimes, their normal lamps, with Jellyfish Plorts as a more economical and ecological option.


Jellyfish Slimes are baby blue slimes shaped like a jellyfish, with a happy face.


  • Having a pond shared between Jellyfish Slimes and Poddle Ports are actually a smart thing to do, since none can eat the plorts of each other.


  • It is not based off a Inkling.
  • This is CalimTheCrystalGem's Petting Zoo Contest entry.

Although this is a free to use slime, this is CalimTheCrystalGem's Petting Zoo Contest entry.

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