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Diet = Fruit

Favorite = Candurian


An explosion from Big Boom Peak flung Boom Slimes all across the Far, Far Range, including to the Ice Cream Caves. The Boom Slimes were coated in the Ice Cream Caves' sugary residue. When the Boom Slimes hardened from the cold, Jawbreaker Slimes were created.

Rancher Risks

Jawbreaker Slimes are named this because they are constantly trying to break their shell, especially by their mouth; thus Jawbreaker Slimes will try to break their jaws on ranchers. The internal pressure passed on from their Boom Slime ancestors will occasionally shatter their shells momentarily in a small explosion, but the shell will fuse back almost instantaneously.


Jawbreaker plorts are almost pure sugar and are commonly used as a type of gobstopper.


Jawbreaker Slimes look like jawbreakers with a slimes face and a pouting mouth. The internal slime part can be seen momentarily when the shell shatters and looks like a translucent cotton-candy colored Pink Slime.


  • Jawbreaker Slime plorts have in fact broken some jaws.
  • Jawbreaker Plorts will explode if microwaved or left out in the sun too long (Not actually in game.)