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Hieroglyph Slime

Ink Slimes are found in the Indigo Quarry, at the Rad Feral Bridges.


Diet: Water

Favorite: Salt Water


Ink Slimes are the most common slimes found in Indigo Quarry's Salt Water seas. If you're seeing a slime out of nowhere, you're probably seeing an Ink Slime. Ink Slimes are the dirtiest Slimes that can't survive land! That's lucky for you if an Ink Slime tries to attack you!

Rancher Risks

It's simple to know: Ink Slimes shoot ink at you, which WILL blind you! Beware when you try and mix it with Rock, Boom, Magma, or Iceberg Plorts! They WILL consume these effects! If you attempt to create an Tarr with an Ink Slime, The Tarr wil become an Epic Tarr!


Usually Ink users use their plorts to draw or write stuff! That looks useful! It goes SPLAT when it touches anything than water! Pollutors use their plorts to pollute oceans!


An squid. After you unlock the Red Slime, their's a chance that the Ink Slime is actually an Red Slime in disguise.


  • Epic Tarr is a reference to Epic Mickey.
  • Ink Slimes also write: Uf U r ruding this u wull bu splutted un unk
    • Clear version of it: If you are reading this, you will be splattered in ink.

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