"These dudes are soo hot you will die looking at it"

Incineration Slimes are slimes only found in hot environments. They are mobile incinerators that eat anything that is not from a plant. What ever they eat becomes ash, and they sometimes make Phoenix Slimes that DON'T hate ranchers guts and CAN become companion slimes. Instead, those Phoenix Slimes hate Incineration Slimes guts, seeing as it was not a ranchers fault. They have a spawn rate of 20%



Anything that is not from a plant and is also Alive, Dormant, or Dead at the same time.


Bird Slime, Tarr, Stony Hen


Incineration Slimes are rare slimes found on the far, far range that are often said "To be Illuminati Confirmed." Their eyes look like the Eye of the Illuminati, explaining why. They are dangerous, mobile Incinerators that whatever they eat, turns into Ash.

Using water on them turns them into Puddle Slimes, making them safer for a Corral

Sometimes, they make Phoenix Slimes that are rather friendlier to Ranchers, alternatively, that is, if you did not shoot the Birdie into the Incineration Slimes lil' maw.

Another thing is that they don't eat Plorts, and other slimes don't eat their Plorts. This comes to advantage, as you don't wanna make an abomination that you can end up having it kill you easily.

Rancher Risks

There is actually lots to worry about these dudes. Since ranchers did not come from plants, they will attempt to eat ranchers, too, so you might wanna stay away from them. You also can't tame them and make them companions.

However, they also don't eat each other, which is a good thing. You can keep multiple in a corral, but just use the Plort Collector, OK?

It also swells up as it eats, so if it is over-fed, it will be so big that the coral wall producers MELT. If you give it some breaks, it will shrink. But if it is too small, then it will also die. Feed them the JUST right amount.

Food near them also rots if they are next to it for too long.


Incineration Plorts are a great way to make sure that ovens stay warm and make Camp Fires.


Incineration Slimes are orange slimes with Eyes that look like the Illuminati. They also have fire coming out of them. (can someone make a picture please?)


  • Incineration Slimes are sometimes nicknamed "Mobile Incinerators"
  • The reason why their eyes are Illuminati is because of the default cost having "42" in it, a reference to A Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy and The X-files.
  • They oddly produce 5 plorts when they eat their favorite food.
  • Whatever they eat is considered by the game as "Thrown into an incinerator," though it also considers it eaten. This is why whatever it eats has a small chance of coming back to life as something else, for example a tamable Fire Bird (phoenix), unless it was purposely shot into the incineration slimes mouth.
  • As the quote suggests, you will lose HP if one is simply on the players screen.
    • This makes ranching them a challenge.
    • You lose 3 HP a second.
    • This also dims your vision as it is on your screen, getting worse the closer you are to looking at it.
  • Because they are so hot, they are constantly vaporizing. If you just take one and don't feed it, you will see it shrink if you are careful enough. If it shrinks too far, it will die. If you feed it, it swells up and keeps it alive.
    • Remember that the more you feed it, the bigger it gets. Give it a diet or two just to make sure it stays at a good size. If it gets TOO big, it will melt the parts of the coral that produce the walls, thus causing an escape.



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