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'Ice Ice Baby~'
The Iceberg Slime is a slime that dines on water and veggies, favouring Ice Rice. It lives only in cold water, in areas such as the Snowy Savannah, Snowlands or anywhere in winter.

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The Iceberg Slime is much like Puddle Slime, except it, due to it's solid and frozen from, is capable of moving on (cold) land and consuming solid foods. If placed in a pool on the ranch, it'll turn into a Puddle Slime.

Rancher Risks

Although it doesn't post any direct risk, it leaves and icy and frozen trail which the rancher can slip on.


These slime's plorts are used in ice packs and other coolants.


A light blue slime, in the shape of a puddle slime, but with a large icy spike on it's head.


  • The 'Cooling' Upgrade for pool can be used to keep these slimes how they are, rather than changing them into puddles.
  • This upgrade will also change Puddle Slimes into Iceberg Slimes.