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Ice slimes are very rare species of slimes in The Far, Far Range. They usually live in ice caverns and tundras, but also tend to move to mountains. These slimes rarely live in groups, as they are very aggressive not only towards ranchers, but also other slimes.

Also, an ice slime have a slim chance to spawn from a puddle slime, which was in a corral with the Flurry Snow upgrade for more than 5 seconds.

Ice slimes have icicles not only as a way to protect themselves, but also as a way of attacking their target. Not only that, their bodies are so cool that they literally leave icy trails behind themselves, often followed by ice stalagmites, which increases the chances to kill their prey. Although, they do not actually eat meat, and leave it to other slimes. No one really knows why - maybe they are not as cold and ruthless!

Ice slimes will be feral until they are fed, which is the same case with other feral slimes. After that, they're guaranteed to be very peaceful and calm - just don't try to cuddle it!

Rancher Risks:

Ice slimes are very aggressive, and will kill almost anything it sees - excluding Hen Hens, Roostros and Chickadoos. But, unfortunately, the ranchers and other slimes are no exception - if you don't have a boom plort with yourself, then RUN. Plus, ice slimes can not be held in a corral without the Flurry Snow upgrade without them melting. Collecting their plorts is also a big risk, as they leave an icy trail with stalagmites.


Ice plorts are often used as ice cubes in order to cool down drinks. Ice plorts actually are very useful, due to their properties being very similar to actual ice. It can be used in medicine for keeping transplant organs in cold, in art to make ice sculptures, and even more! A lot of people in the Range use ice plorts for various stuff.


  • Ice slimes can't eat boom, rock and crystal plorts, meaning that Boom Ice/Rock Ice/Crystal Ice largos made with feeding an ice slime can't be possible. On the other hand, boom, rock and crystal slimes can eat ice plorts.
  • Do not throw ice slimes in the Incinerator. Just don't.
  • Ice slimes sometimes produce plorts by themselves, mostly 1 plort every 7 hours, which means that you don't necessarily have to feed them in order to get their plorts, but you still have to feed them so they won't go feral.
  • Ice slimes, even when docile, attack other slimes, so you have to keep only one in order to keep all your slimes alive.
  • Ice slimes actually freeze Tarrs when they[ice slimes] are being eaten, so you can have chance to throw the Tarrs out into water.

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