"You are now getting sliiimy..."
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A Hypno Slime is a rare, special type of slime found in the Indigo Quarry. They can attack Tarrs using their purple eye. though, this doesnt kill the Tarr, it only stuns them.

Slimepedia Entry

Diet Their diet consists of meat, such as Hen Hens. Though a Hypno Slime's favorite food is Elder Hens/Elder Roostros.

Slimepedia Entry

Hypno Slimes are omnipitent balls of goo that can use their purple flame eye to stun Tarrs! They're great defense to use around your base to protect slimes in case of a Tarr outbreak.

Rancher Risks

However they pose no real threat to Ranchers, if you do step in the way of their attack you will get hurt as well!


A Hypno Slime's plort is actually used for making crystal balls and other magic-related items on Earth. (TBD)


A Hypno Slime appears as a purple slime but with its eyes closed and wears a slight frown. It has a large, staring, unblinking third eye on its forehead. The eye has a large purple flickering fire. That eye is used to attack.

The plorts are purple and have a soft glow.




It is recomended to place these slimes where a Tarr outbreak has happened.

Their plorts, however, are really valuable, but, they can dissapear after a while, which means a plort collector is useless.


  • The base price of the Hypno Plort, 108, is a magical number.