Hugs are different ways of cheering up slimes. How they react, and how you react depends on the slime and the type of hug. Largos cannot be hugged (so sad)

Hug Slime Slime effects Rancher effects
Pet Tabby Happiness increased by more than it normally would have been increased None
Honey None Hand is covered in honey. Tabby slimes will be displeased if pet with a sticky hand.
Nimbus the slime is burst apart you are now wet.
Snuggle Tabby Happiness may be increased by more or less than it normally would have been increased, from just 1/3 as much happiness to as much as twice None
Honey None Movement slowed, tabby slimes will stay very far away from you and won't be huggable
Rock None - 30 health
Play Any Happiness instead is increased three times as much as normal The task will take 1 hour to complete.

This is unze2unze4's entry to the easter egg contest.

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