"A wolf in slime's clothing!"

Wolf slime

A howl slime, also known as a wereslime, is a dog-like slime that goes feral on full moons.







Hard to tell from Pink Slimes at most times, Howl Slimes are very sensitive to moonlight, changing under bright enough of it, like the light reflected by the full Moon Moon. With only a short tail as an indicator that it isn't a pink slime, there are problems identifying it otherwise. Under a full moon, however, the slime gains a silvery color, ears, and glowing golden eyes, as well as a mean attitude.

Rancher Risks

Normally docile, these slimes become dangerous under a full moon, becoming feral for as long as the night lasts.


Called 'Moon jewels', Howl Plorts are used in special charms for the glow they take on under moonlight.


Most of the time, it looks like a Pink Slime with a short, 'docked' tail. In moon form, it is silver colored with pointed ears, a longer dog-like tail, and glowing gold eyes. The plort is pinkish grey, but sparkles and glows golden in moonlight. Largos look like a pink largo with a small tail added, and take on the glowing gold eyes and coloration during the full moon.


  • Keep these slimes in a corral, as they get a lot harder to catch when it's a full moon.
  • During the full moon, these slimes will get hungry faster than normal, so make sure to keep their corral stocked with food.
  • These slimes avoid gold plorts at all costs. Hitting one with a gold plort destroys it and the plort in a shower of golden sparks.


  • These slimes react to gold slimes like they would react to Tarr.
  • These slimes make a panicked expression when they first change back from full moon mode, as well as right before they change.