A cousin of the Rock Slime, the Horror Slime uses strong spikes to protect itself. However as the name implies, this slime is far less safe albeit lacks the rolling ability of the Rock Slime. The Horror Slime has several rings of spikes that are capable of spinning at several hundred RPM and so are more than capable of causing horrific damage to flesh and metal alike. Another known trait of the Horror Slime is their abnormally large size, being even larger than a Largo even before utilising the fact that they can become a Largo to further improve their already seemingly unstoppable nature. The sheer weight of the size and the many, many metallic spikes of the Horror Slime give typical Rancher equipment a tough time moving them.

Another known trait is the ability to produce large amounts of plorts at the cost of a large appetite.



As one can easily guess from the spikes, this slime is built and adapted for exclusively meat consumption and will happily clear out a chicken coop.

Horror Slimes aren't pack hunters and are much more likely to be encountered alone.

The favourite food of this slime is the Rock Hen.


An uncommon sight due to them not being pack hunters at all although they exist in a surprising wide variety of locations.

Rancher Risks

The risks are plain to see and are far from subtle. Often given away from the loud whirring.

The many, many rapidly rotating spike discs excel at dealing damage to flesh amongst other things. Whilst the speed is fairly slow and the ranged capabilities on their own are nonexistant, contact with these slimes should be avoided.

The rows of tooth-like spikes are excellent at protecting the slime against physical objects such as most handheld, close quarters weapons. This quality even lets it repel Tarrs that dare come into contact.


Horror Plorts come in sets of 6 after the Horror Slime is fed 3 times. Each plort has an average value of 70.

These plorts are able to be used in the creation of an alloyed metal that excels at making durable, waterproof cutting tools with keep a sharp edge exceptionally well. The metal is fairly heavy and difficult to source efficiently and so isn't used on larger structures or equipment.


The Horror Slime can become a Largo.


Rock/Horror Largo - The incredibly hard armour and the rolling ability of the Rock Slime combined with the incredibly lethal weaponry of the Horror Slime produces a massive Largo with a seemingly unstoppable attack and defence, few known ways exist to counter such a creature. These traits can carry over to a Tarr

Horror/Shock Largo - A massive, terrifying entity that utilises its explosive prowess in order to fire off some of its many, rapidly rotating spikes at whatever poor creature happens to be within the radius. Creating a sentient EMP/shrapnel bomb with very few ways available to stop it. Fortunately the creature has a more than generous plort output.

Horror Tarr - If the Tarr was created with a Horror Slime component, the Tarr will be granted with several extra rows of spikes compared to the regular Horror Slime and spinning at a much greater rate, causing for them to be far more effective. The much greater size of the Horror Tarr makes it a seemingly unstoppable target.

Horror/Shock Tarr - A monstrously large Tarr with explosive, electric and kinetic weaponry at its disposal. Not to mention the extra property is granted that fired spikes can convert slimes into more of itself from a distance!


Tabby/Horror Largo - The playful habits of picking things up and bumping into ranchers taken from the Tabby Slime can prove rather dangerous and/or destructive when combined with row upon row of rotating spikes.

Else/Shock Largo - The diet and abilities of the Horror Slime are passed to the Largo.


A thick, blue membrane surrounded by several rows of horizontal, tooth-like spikes. The Horror Slime is roughly 20% larger than a typical Largo.



Coming soon!

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