Honeycomb Slime
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"A shell of wax makes them easier to stack"
The Honeycomb slime is a variation of the Honey slime. It is used mainly in the Queen Buzzy boss battle, and the main difference from honey slimes is that they can NOT eat plorts and they count as a solid object instead of a moving one when it comes to the player trying to push them. They tend to stack themselves up in a wall-like pattern, becoming obstacles easily.

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Mint Mango


Buzz Slimes and Honey slimes have a very intertwined relationship, and the Honeycomb slime is an example. A honey slime wrapped in a protective wax shell, they are fed and protected by Buzz slimes in exchange for their plorts. Due to this, it's thought that slimes may have been ranched by other slimes far before humans came to the far, far range.

Rancher Risks

Honeycomb slimes will not create any trouble at all alone, but they like to stack together and create massive walls if there are enough around. It's best to keep them away from each other.




A Honey Slime in a single, large honeycomb cell. Largos of this slime are impossible without hacking, and if hacked in, a Honeycomb largo will look like a Honey largo of that slime.


  • The wax can be broken off of the Honey slime like a crate, leaving only a normal honey slime.
  • Honeycomb slimes have a very rare chance to spawn in place of a Honey Slime in areas where Buzz Slimes spawn.
  • Honeycomb slimes will give normal Honey plorts, there is no such thing as a Honeycomb plort.
  • Tarr have trouble attacking Honeycomb slimes, the first bite will only break the shell and free a panicked Honey Slime.
  • Honeycomb slimes cannot eat plorts unless the shell is destroyed, presumably due to the tight space.
  • Buzz slimes will help these slimes stack, picking them up and setting them in spots on the wall. Buzz slimes will also carry food to Honeycomb slimes, as said in the Slimepedia.