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Hieroglyph Slime
"Hint: Read messages if you wanna know more of these Slimes!"

The Hints Slime is a Slime which always give Hints.


Diet: Everything

Favorite: None


This Slime always gives out hints to you. He likes to help starters. When a Hint Slime sees you, he will give out a useful or a useless hint. This is sometimes annoying.

Rancher Risks

When provoked, Hint Slimes will raise out a hint saying: "Never feed Slimes plorts!" Which is useless. This shows that Hint Slimes are mad.


Those Plorts are used for cheaters. The Plorts show the answer when you look at it.


A slime with a sign on it


  • Hint Slime's eye were question marks, because he helps starters.
  • This is one of the slimes of Da Lab. Progress: 20% or 1/5