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The high conjurer is a slime residing in the moss blanket, able to use various spells, the high conjurer slime is easily the hardest slime to ranch if kept unhappy.

Slimepedia Entry

Diet: Veggies

Favourite: Carrot


Throughout slime history, slime sorcery education has easily been a large part of a slimes life. But most slimes drop out of slime sorcery school. The pink slimes you know and love are usually slime sorcery kindergarden dropouts. Even wizard slimes failed to get their slime sorcery graduate degrees. But high conjurers knew better! They attend slime sorcery college, offering courses such as slime sorcery necromancy, slime sorcery voodoo, slime economics, and slime sorcery casting.

Typically slimes learn 3 spells, a freeze spell, used on any annoying slimes, a cure spell, used on tarrs, and a bounce spell, used typically to propel themselves.

Rancher Risks

Often, high conjurers will cause enough havoc to seriously harm the rancher.


Bright yellow eyes with a red, red robe


  • A gordo, named the highest conjurer, can be found, which gives you 10 crates.
  • Based off of high gunjurers from the game Enter The Gungeon