"Nobody could translate it's code for 2014 years."

Hieroglyph Slime is a Carnivorous slime that can be found in the Ruined Abandons and the Glass Desert. They can find hidden objects underground.

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Elder Hen


Hieroglyph Slimes' codes haven't been decoded for years. After finally figuring it out, it says the following. "Death of Slimes is just a belief. They really get reincarnated into the same species they were before."

Rancher Risks

Like Pink Slimes and Grass Slime, there isn't much you have to worry about when you have Hieroglyph Slimes. They're also a great source of food. Not in a slime meat kind of way, I mean an underground food kind of way.


Hieroglyph Plorts are mainly used for making glass when ground and heated up by 75°C. This makes it like artificial sand.


Hieroglyph Slimes are Beige slimes with hieroglyphs on them. What did you expect?


It's recommended to combine these with Rock Slimes, since they increase the amount of items found by 2.


  • I was supposed to make this a LONG time ago.
  • You can see many video game references in the hieroglyphs.