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Hieroglyph Slime

"They just fly nonstop"


Diet: Meat

Favourite: '''Stony hen


Helicopter slimes are known to fly high with the help of their propeller. There is no explanation why that slime can fly since their bodies are heavier than the propellers. They are hard to catch since they stay 3 yards above ground. 

Rancher risks

Their propeller stays moving forever. Standing on them can be pretty fatal.


Their plorts can be used for delivery drones and helicopters


Metal slime with a propeller on top.


  • I can't draw a good slime, pls paint tool sai.
  • Before the helicopter slime used to be the crystal slime (and believe it or not, the drawing is less terrible then this one's drawing) but I thought it was too uncreative since there is a rock slime.