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Some info about this slime:

The Hawk slime is one of the only know flying slimes, they mainly hunt at night, during the day they reside around thier nests. It preys on unsuspecting chickens, swooping down and eating them whole. These slimes have nests all over in high and hard to reach areas around the map where they reside when not pursuing chickens.

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The Hawk slime has excelled in the stalking the chickens in the Far, Far Range for hundreds of years. The Hawk slime is rarely ever in the Indigo quarry due to its fear of the Rad Slime. It is the first know slime to have a pack mentality.

The Hawk slime's slimological makeup has given the Hawk Slime wings, one of the first air born slimes, making it a natural hunter. These slime can often be found in groups of 2 and 3 flying along with 1 alfa to help direct the group, over the Far, Far Range look for unsuspecting chickens to devour. These slimes be will hunt and harm you if you do vack up their Alfa. If a Tarr comsumes these plorts they will die immediately after consumption due to the watery coating on the outside of the plorts.

Rancher Risks:

This slime posses no threat the rancher, if you keep your distance. If approached the group of Hawk Slimes will attack and quickly fly off after killing or warding off the approcher. The Hawk Slimes plorts will cause other slimes who consume them to have the ability to become air born.

The Hawk Slimes will steal chickens from your ranch, as your chicken pens are easy eaten for them. The best way keep this from happening is to keep the chickens in safe location like in the Grotto.


These plorts are often made into a sweet jelly, Hawk Jelly. Most people can't afford such a pristine item so the rich usually enjoy it on a sandwich with a cup of tea.


The Hawk slime is often compared to hawks because of its large wing span and its love for chickens. Hawk Slimes are a mix of black and brown, with white rings around its eyes. This slime is actually smaller the most slimes by about 3 inches, they are smaller so that flying can be a much easier task. The slime has no beak as you might have though but in stead it has a mouth like every other slime.

The Alfa Hawk slime is white with black dots covering its body.


  • Keep a roof on corals containing these pesky but adorable slimes, or they could fly away.
  • If slimes are kept near Rad slimes they will not produce any plorts even after eating.
    • This slime can not be merged with Rad Slimes.
  • The Alfa Hawk slime actually produces 3 plorts when given its favorite food
  • When around 1 to 3 other Hawk slimes they will start to fly around together and hunt as friends


Photos of the slime.

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