Because one does not simply start the apocalypse in a single night.

Half-Tarrs are slimes that have been infected by a horrible disease that turns innocent slimes into those awful, ravenous rainbows!




Favorite Food

Honey Slimes

Slime Toy

None. These unfortunate slimes have lost all of their personality, and would rather have fun by stalking and eating helpless slimes, or even worse, infecting them.


When a slime is infected, Half-Tarrs are the transition stage between a slime and a Tarr -they have about a week left to live. They were once cheerful, innocent slimes, but Tarr Disease has turned them into monstrous empty shells.

Curiously, some slimes have been known to fight off Tarr Disease on their own after three days of being a Half-Tarr. It is believed that the Shimmer Slime is evolved from these certain lucky slimes who escaped the Tarr Disease.

Rancher Risks

Half-Tarrs like to eat your slimes, and because they need to eat twice as much as a healthy slime, a single Half-Tarr can eat a lot of slimes in a single day! What's more, Half-Tarrs will still attack any slime they can't or don't want to eat, and bites from infected slimes have a 50% chance of transmitting Tarr Disease. This means that even though Half-Tarrs cannot eat largos, which many ranchers have, they can still infect them! Fortunately, all you have to do to prevent this is to quarantine and cure infected slimes.


Half-Tarrs don't produce plorts, they only infect more slimes until they become Tarr.


Half-Tarrs are black slimes that are about the size of a largo. They have rainbow-glowing eyes and a glowing, fanged mouth.


Half-Tarrs have a 10% chance to fight off the Tarr Disease and mutate into a Shimmer Slime after 3 days. It will be apparent if this happens, because they will have ear stubs and a tail stub. If not, then you can still cure a Half-Tarr using a Chloro Pill, though it's expensive. Shimmer Slimes cure Half-Tarrs on contact and are less expensive if you can handle raising them. Cured Half-Tarrs are immune to Tarr Disease.


  • The Chloro Pill is expensive, but Shimmer Slimes are hard for new ranchers to raise.
  • Keep fresh water with you, because Half-Tarrs are terrified of water and will be paralyzed in fear if they get hit with water or fall into water.
  • The single best way to prevent an outbreak from becoming an epidemic is to quarantine and cure sick slimes.