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Hieroglyph Slime
"That's an useful crystal."

The Hail Slime is an slime found in the Slime Yard rarely on winter. You can first find it in the Neptune Freezer.


Diet: Water

Favorite: Cold Water (Click me if you think Cold Water doesn't exist)


Hail Slimes are the most coldest than anything else. They are so cool! When an Hail Slime is in Lava, however, they will melt into Steam Slimes.

Rancher Risks

Their's a little danger for these slimes. They can cause an frosty explosion, freezing you for 3 seconds. When try to put them in a corral, put them CAREFULLY in. If they hit anything to hard, they explode into icicles, which stay their for 3 seconds. You can buy the "Vac Strength Shot" to lightly put them in.


Hail Plorts are really useful when you want to do the experiment, "Instant Ice" . They are also used to make ice cream more colder! It's recommend when you have an ice cream melting. In the game, they are used as natural freeze weapons!


An Icy Crystal


  • This is the first slime with the category Extraterrestrial!