Slimepedia Entry

Diet: Meat

Favourite: Stony Hen

This little bugger likes to be mischievous! He'll cloak to sneak into your ranch and cause havoc on your gadgets and corrals!

Slime Behavior and Rancher Risks

This slime isn't harmful to ranchers. However, it can do many other things. If you're not careful, a Hacker Slime can cloak and sneak into your base. Then, once it has a good hiding spot, it activates its Hacking remote. The slime hides due to the loud buzzing and electrical sounds which the Remote makes when being used. Once this sound begins playing, ranchers must find the slime before it finishes charging the remote. If they succeed in doing so, the slime will either escape or become stunned, allowing it to be captured. If they fail, the remote will cause a number of unwanted effects on you and your ranch. The amount of effects and what is affected is random each time.

Hacker Slimes do not live above ground, rather, they live in a sub-area of a place called The Wire Den.

The effects a Hacker Slime can cause are:

Corrals with auto collectors and feeders and silos will spit out contained items, the ranchers Vac Pack will blow items away rather than sucking up items, any Hydro Turrets in the area have a chance to shoot water at the rancher which will render them blind temporarily, some gadgets have an extremely small chance of blowing up, the ranchers HUD can get filled with Spam messages, and last but not least, corral walls have a chance to be disabled temporarily.

The Hacker Slime cannot be contained in a corral unless the coral has the Antivirus upgrade bought, otherwise it will escape by disabling the walls. This upgrade will also prevent walls from being disabled by wild Hacker Slimes.


The Hacker slime is similar in body type to a Hunter Slime. However, these slimes wear strange fancy tech on their eyes and carry Hacker Remotes on their back. They also have grey fur with blue stripes, unlike the Hunters.


Hacker Plorts are extremely valuable due to its applications and the rarity of the slime itself. However, rather than being sold at the plort market, these plorts have to be sold somewhere else due to the plort's popularity with space pirates...


  • This slime is planned to be apart of The Black Market DLC
  • Hacker Slimes are not yet available in the game, and can only be obtained by editing the game files on steam, however, the model for the Hacker Slime is a placeholder Hunter Slime, so long story short, it only spawns a Hunter Slime