Don't walk on the dunes...
Ground slimes are a strange type of slime that burrows under the ground to hunt, and can actually kill a Tarr by throwing sand.
Ground plort





Puddle Slimes

Slime Toy

An hourglass. Watching sand flow is so peaceful!


These slimes need both sand and water to survive, as their bodies are composed of sand held together by slime. The presence of both of these things causes grass to grow on them. They can throw their sand as self-defense.

They feed themselves by waiting in the sand and ambushing any slime that comes close to them. Despite appearing to have a large eye on a stalk, they are completely blind. This eye is believed to be a fake eye that is used to intimidate threatening slimes and Tarr, reinforced by the fact that it's otherwise hidden.

Rancher Risks

These slimes eat most other slimes as food, and they can burrow out of their pond to eat said slimes unless you have an upgrade. However, they are prey to plant-based slimes, and will fight to the death by throwing sand, and thus both slimes are in danger. The sand can also hit you, and we all know what it feels like to get sand in your eyes.


Ground plorts are useful for fertilizer and have been proven effective.


This slime has no eyes at all, and is completely blind. It does, however, have a large "fake eye" on a stalk, like a snail's eye. This slime is normally yellowish, but it becomes pale if it has not enough water. They may also become undersized or start looking like a puddle slime if they have not enough sand.


  • There is an animal in real life that mimics the Ground Slime's stalking behavior: the eunice worm.

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