"So cute and delicious you could never incinerate them"


This slime is like a rad slime, but it does not hurt you! It feeds other slimes and its plorts give 62 grapes. Sometimes you can see these slimes on trees.Template:Infobox Slime

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The grape slime is most commonly seen in The Moss Blanket, but they sometimes appear on the Dry Reef. They are eaten by pink slimes because they are (basically) grapes and grapes are edible. However, it is better to eat its plorts.

Rancher Risks

The grape slime as said above is edible so slimes like honey, grass, and bird slimes may eat them. Be sure to buy an air net to keep them in their corrals.


Back on Earth, these plorts are sold as grapes in grocery stores and supermarkets. Its seeds can be planted and will grow grape trees.


Grape slimes look like a grape cluster, but they have eyes and a mouth.


  • Don't put it near frugivore slimes because they would want to jump out and eat it.
  • Don't leave these without water, because they will dry up and disappear.
Grape slime


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