"Wah Wah Waaaaaaaah"
This page is a joke, therefore it must be up to high standards...
Depending on the quality of this page, it may become a cadidate for deletion. However it does have lower standards and doesn't need to fit the format, however if possible this would be appropriate. This template was placed here by Amwright14 / Amwright13.

This slime can even set the incinerator on fire.
The Grammar Slime is a very dangerous variant of the Boom Slime, because it goes feral whenever someone makes a grammar or conventions mistake.



Anything with bad grammar or conventions

Favorite Food


Slime Toy

A pen, because this slime loves to point out how others made grammar or conventions mistakes!


This slime is a variant of a Boom Slime that somehow only builds up body energy when angry, which happens quite easily. Like it's counterpart, the Troll Slime, it causes flamewars, however, unlike the Troll Slime, this is unintentional, caused by it's incredibly short temper.

This slime has an obsession with correcting everyone's mistakes, be it grammar, capitalization, spelling, or punctuation. It goes feral towards whoever makes the mistake, and even explodes if the mistakes are repeated. This can eventually set things on fire if it gets bad enough.

Rancher Risks

This slime's explosions tend to annoy nearby slimes, and if the slime gets mad enough, their explosions set things on fire, causing a flame war on the forums. The best way to stop this slime if it causes a fight is by letting the subject go, because this slime can't fight without something to fight about.


It's plorts are useful as a handy way of setting things on fire.


This slime is an orange Boom Slime that has a police hat, so everyone nicknames it the "Grammar Police."


  • To handle a Grammar Slime, ignore them if they rant about how you "used the wrong kind of there" or whatever, because nobody cares! This is the easiest way to prevent fighting.
  • However, if fighting does happen, then take a deep breath and try again to restore peace.
    • If it escalates to a flamewar, then call a mod, as it likely will not diffuse on it's own.


  • I made this page to make fun of people who insist that everyone must have perfect grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.
  • The word conventions means capitalization, spelling, and punctuation collectively.
  • Ironically enough, I do believe in perfect grammar and conventions despite making a joke about it, so I am effectively parodying myself.