"They want to be your friend!!!"

The Google slime is a very friendly slime who doesn't mind being corraled.

Slimepedia Entry

Diet: Fruit

Favorite: Red Cube


Ok, so here's the thing. Google Slime's are just about the most safe slime's you can find, even safer then Pink Slimes. However, any Feral Slime, or just a hungry meat-eating slime, might decide to snack on one. And the thing is, Google Slime's aren't the smartest but love being social, making them hard to find in the wild despite them appearing anywhere.

Rancher Risks

None to the rancher, really. But many to itself. It is a bad idea to keep it with anything but more google slimes. Any feral or meat-eating slimes might decide that this guy looks pretty tasty and...CHOMP.


Google Plorts are used in Plush toys of these adorable little guys. These toys are very popular with kids all around the world!


The Google slime is based off of a Google from Webkinz. It is white, with a long beak and two little feet. Wait, WHY DOES A SLIME HAVE FEET, ANYWAY?! WHAT THE HECK?!


  • This is NOT based off of the search engine, Google. This is based off of this google: Google[1]
  • Plortonomics are a reference to webkinz's Plush-Toy based animals, including a Google.
  • This, in an earlier idea, was going to be WAAAAAY more ridiculous.

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