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"Buck, buck, buck-CHING!
The Gold Hen is a rare type of hen-hen found in crates and in The Travelers' Turf.

​Ranching Tips

These hens are extremely wanted by Greedy Slimes, so it is recommended put them in a coop ​away​ from them if you are raising Greedy Slimes.


​Slimepedia Entry


Meat    ​

​Favoured By:

Greedy Slime

​On the ranch:

Similar to most other hens, Gold Hens breed if they are within close proximity to a roostro.

Unlike other chickens, this bird is quite intelligent, but sometimes gets in over there heads, resulting in "things" happening. Recently, it has been found living in The Travelers' Turf.


  • Upon sight of a Greedy Slime, a Gold Hen will flee, and possibly escape their coop.
  • This food was made just so the Greedy Slime would not have to eat plorts.
  • cha-ching squidy adopted this h00ray