Strawberry Slime Scribble
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Every game has at least one of these.
Glitch Slimes are slimes that cannot currently be found anywhere yet. Their diet is randomly selected after each save, along with their favourite food.



Varies (Shows Fruit, Veggies, or Meat in Slimepedia)


Varies (Shows Favorite in Slimepedia)

Slime Toy:

The Glitch Slime's favorite toy is the "Slime's First 3D Printer", because glitching doesn't always mean bad when it comes to 3D printing.


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Rancher Risk:

Glitch slimes may glitch up some spikeballs and throw them at you, so be careful.


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Glitch Slimes are light blue slimes that occasionally glitch out with many bright colors.


  • Glitch Slimes are the only slimes resistant to Rad Slimes' radiation, so do not worry about putting these guys next to Rad Slimes.


  • Glitch Slimes are known to have conflicts with Quantum Slimes.
  • Glitch Slimes were originally going to have their own area, but they now appear randomly in each save.
  • Ingame, there is a setting to turn off Glitch Slime's glitching (for those who have sensitive eyes or are prone to epilepsy)
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