Glass Slime
Glass Slime
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Sand Sand Shore, The Glass Desert




Glass Durian

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'"Pretty when whole, deadly when broken."

Glass Slimes are translucent Rock Slime cousins found in the Glass Desert and rarely during the day at Sand Sand Shore.

Info in the Slimepedia

Diet = Fruit

Favorite = Glass Durian


The Glass Slime is a fragile cousin of the Rock Slime. It is considered one of the most desirable and beautiful slimes because of its translucent light blue shine. The most common molecule in the spiky crown of a Glass Slime is a fusion molecule between the primary molecule in a Rock Slime's crown and calcium hydroxide.

Rancher Risks

Glass Slimes behave just like regular slimes; they cannot roll into a ball like their rocky cousins. They would love to be harmless, but their spiky crowns are extremely fragile and will shatter if they hit something hard. The spikes will grow back within seconds, but the shattered pieces will fly off into many directions and can cause severe wounds were a rancher to get hit by one.


Glass Plorts can be melted down to create a transparent substance similar to Crystal Plorts' transparent metal. The only difference is that Glass Plorts are much easier to work with, if a bit more fragile. Plus Glass Plorts won't weaken after moderate exposure to cold water.


A Glass Slime looks like a shinier, translucent light blue Rock Slime.


  • A Glass Slime's favorite slime toy is a Sandy Prism.


Glass Slime
Glass Plort

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