Like a watermelon but colder!

Glaciermelons are a fruit that grows in place of other fruits when it is too cold for them to grow.




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On The Ranch

Deposit a glaciermelon into a garden's depositor and you will grow a large glaciermelon tree! This tree will last for several harvests.


Glaciermelons are a curious fruit with an equally curious taste. They grow on trees, unlike Earth melons! Even more curious is how these melons grow in cold weather and cannot grow in temperatures above freezing, growing on the same tree as other fruits when they can't grow. Glaciermelons taste mildly sweet, and they have a sweet-sour aftertaste that causes much debate from food critics over whether these two wildly different flavors taste good together.


Glaciermelons are shaped like earth melons. They are blue and white-striped, but unlike earth melons, the stripes are vertical, making them look a bit like easter eggs.