"One little slime with a whole lot of spirit!"
The Ghost Slime is a slime that can be found exclusively in The Traveller's Turf. It eats fruit and its favorite is the Ghoulish Grapefruit.





Ghoulish Grapefruit


The Ghost Slime is a extremely coincedental slime. First thing you need to know about them: THERE IS NOTHING TO BE SCARED OF! The Ghost Slime are much floatier than other slimes, and they can temporarily fade partially away, allowing them to move through walls. this makes it very hard for you to get your hands on them, since they can just go through your vacpack if they see it coming.

Rancher Risks

Ghost Slimes are masters of escape. They can easily float over corral walls if there is no air net, and they can go through most normal corral walls (you need to get the multi-dimensional walls upgrade to stop them from escaping). Even if you have all these things, they can use other techniques that even the smartest slime scientists can't understand!


Ghost Plorts can be used to make anything slightly less substantial. they are used for spying on people, and some really funny pranks involving invisible walls.


Pretty much a white pac-man ghost with a mouth.

The plort is just a solid white plort. I'm too lazy to draw it.


  • Raxel920 meant for all its ghost-like properties to be a coincidence.
  • Yes, I know this is very similar to the Quantum Slime, but this was made before that.


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