"The little dude doesn't even know what hit him; Himself!!

Info In the Slimepedia


The Geyser slime has a most unusual diet; the sun!! yes, it soaks up the sun's rays and converts it into energy.


There is no due to the Geyser slime eating (absorbing) the sun's rays.


The Geyser slime walks around slowly, absorbing the sun's rays and can sometimes (rarely) the hill on it's back erupts, shooting out a frothy-slimelike substance we call "slime lava", slime lava doesn't damage the player but only slows down the player and restricts them from using their jetpack.

Rancher risks

If the Geyser slime would be largo'ed, it could make an extremely hazardous largo. If partnered with a crystal slime it would slow down the rancher and slowly decrease their health or if it was with a rad slime it could radiate you to death, so the best way to handle these slimes are to stay a medium-short distance away from them. They also have rocks on their body that damage you for 15HP.


Geyser slime plorts are mainly used as a replacement for coal, they erupt into flames faster and hotter, and are also used to power rockets, it helps the astronauts get to their destination faster.


Geyser slimes have a light brown underside with a dark brown coloration on top. They have a mini volcano surrounded by rocks right on top of the slime.