'This Slime Has Potential in many plorts'

This Slime was created in an old Lab, it eats any plant matter and is incapable of becoming a largo, when it eats plorts it becomes the Slime that would produce that plort, it will eat any plort if in the right environment.



This slime eats fruits and vegitables


This Slime's favorite food is Cuberries

Slime Toy

This Slime does not apear to be interested in slime toys


Little is known about this Slime besides the fact that it was created in a lab, and that it will eat any plort under the right circumstances. These Slimes dont show an interest in slime toys and would rather chase Chickadoos around a tree or rock. These Slimes show that they are capable of consuming meat, but have a strong distain to the taste of the meat. According to lab reports scattered around inside the lost lair, these slimes are partially defective clones of a Slime designed to be perfect. According to other reports in the lost lair, the original Slime was made out of a glob of slime and many different kinds plorts. These slimes have a genetic makeup closer to a Tar than other slimes, this is likely due to the amount of DNA in them, this has sparked a debate over weather they are Tarrs or Slimes, the jury is still out. 

Rancher Risks

The only risk to ranching Genetic Slimes is the fact that they will become the species of any plort they consume, then they are permanently that slime.


Genetic Slime plorts were found to be useful in the mutation and modification of animals and plants back on earth, as it can weaken the bonds of DNA under certain circumstances.


Genetic Slimes are a Nectar color, they are just transparent enough to see a piece of DNA floating in the top of it's head.

Plort Consumption Conditions

These are the conditions of the slime eating special plorts

Gold Plorts - Eaten a gilded ginger, Becomes a tamed slime

Puddle Plorts - The slime and plort are in water, pops and drops 3 Genetic plorts, the leftover slime matter becomes a puddle slime

Fire Plorts - The Slime is an ash through with the plort, same as above but the slime becomes a fire slime.


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