Perpetual jigglyness.

Harmless and bouncy Gello Slimes eat apiary products their favourite being Wild Honey.

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Apiary Products (Other Diet)


Wild Honey

Slime Toy

Gello Ball
Gello Slimes like the Gello Ball because of its ability to bounce and jiggle just like they do.


Gello Slimes are pretty calm and easy to catch. They eat apiary products and honey Plorts and favour Wild Honey and will produce 3 plorts when fed it. Since they can eat Honey Plorts they can't form Largos with them. They have the ability to bounce off of things further.

Rancher Risks

The only thing you have to worry about Gello slimes is their extra bounciness meaning when flung against walls and such they will bounce further off them but otherwise they are harmless.


Gello Plorts are used in a variety of things from gelatin based foods like jellies, gumdrops, jelly Beans and jelly Babies to uses in medical and military applications.


Orange coloured and shaped like a jelly.