A rapid plort firing machine? Why not!

The Gatling Slime isn't the rarest of slimes, but is one of the most unique. They are usually greenish gray in appearance, and their insides are a spinning ball of metallic gray and silver. Their main trait is their incredibly strange way of releasing plorts.


The Gatling Slime is very curious, but will attack if threatened. It attacks by rapidly firing stone hard plorts that are all worth nothing, but also has the chance of firing silver plorts that are worth 500 apiece. However, these will disappear as soon as the Gatling Slime is done firing, so you have to get them while the slime is firing.


Gatling Slimes prefer fruits and vegetables, but their favorite fruit is the Pogo fruit. Feeding them a pogo fruit will make them fire more plorts and for longer, with the stone plorts doing less damage. Trying to feed them any sort of meat, such as a hen hen, will lead to a dramatic result: the Gatling Slime will shoot the stone plorts at the animal until it dies.


The Gatling Slime is an incredibly valuable yet harmful Slime when it comes to plorts, and the utmost caution should be taking during the collecting process. The plorts are unfortunately invulnerable to the effects of the plort collector, as they disappear too quickly. The only way to collect them is to jump in when they're firing, suck up everything in Range, and hope and pray that your health packs are enough. The stone plorts do approximately 2 damage per hit, and the Gatling Slime fires around 100 per round, including silver plorts, which are harmless.


  • Gatling Slimes appear during the boss fight with Crebosus.
  • The inspiration for Gatling Slimes came from the real life Gatling Gun, which functions in the same way. The animation that Gatling Slimes use when firing is based on the scream animation for the Large Mouth Wollywog in Nintendo Land.

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