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Hieroglyph Slime
'We're gonna have fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun!'
The fun slime is a slime that can be rarely found in the game. However, unlike most slimes, it doesn't drop plorts, and instead instantly gives you money after you partake in one of it's minigames.

Info in the Slimepedia


The Fun Slime can be found just about anywhere, and, when you attempt to vac it, will force you to partake in a mini-game. When you complete this mini-game, prize money from it is ported straight to your account, and the slime will appear in your inventory. To keep these Slimes, you need an Arcade Corral on The Ranch to store them in, or they'll escape. When multiple are kept within one corral, the mini-games grow in difficulty.

Rancher Risks

Although this slime poses no threat when encountered in the real game, if you fail/die/lose all your lives in a mini-game, you die within the main game.


Fun Plort are used in the creation of video-games, however, the Fun Slime sells them himself after you've finished his game, so you never encounter any. The harder it was to complete the mini-game, the better games the plort can create, and the more money you get.


A white slime with a screen on it's belly, and cord with a controller coming off of it as a tail.

Games (Free to add to)

Easy (150 Newbucks, 3 Slimes in Corral)


Medium (250 Newbucks, 5 Slimes in Corral)


Hard (500 Newbucks, 10 Slimes in Corral)



  • This slime can't be combined into a largo.
    • But it's still good to have!