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"These slimes pride themselves on having a coolness level higher than the average slime."
The Frosty Slime is a Whole New Ranch DLC addon that can be found in the Snowy Tundra.

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Frosty Slimes eat only fruit.


Frosty Slimes favorite fruit is the Icy Grape.


Frosty Slimes are a unique slime. They can only exist in cold environments or they will melt. Although this is fine in the wild as they will only be found in these areas a thermalic field generator on the cold setting is needed for them to not melt in plots.

Little snowflakes fly off them when they jump. Although this does not do anything unique it really add to the aesthetics.

Rancher Risks

Frosty Slime do not actually pose a threat to the rancher.


A Frosty Slimes plorts are used in the snow industry as well as for cryro-freezing. This is do to the plorts being made mostly out of snow.


Frosty Slimes have a reflective light blue color. They have the same shape and size of an average slime. The snowflakes they create are slightly lighter in color.


A Frosty Slime goes through several phases of melting. As a Frost Slime melts its melting level increases however in a cold environment the melting level will decrease to zero again. A Frost Slimes melting level increases by two every in-game hour.

Frozen: The Frosty Slime should be frozen at all times in a environment where it can be naturally found. This is is also the state the slime will be in in a properly equipped plot. A frost slime will remain frozen with a melting level at 0. This is what a frost slime is at normally so it has its normal appearance.

Melting: The Frosty Slime will no longer create snowflakes when it jumps and water will trickle down the slime. This is melting levels 1 - 20.

Slush: The Frosty Slime leaves a trail of slush behind it as well as the appearance traits for melting. This is melting levels 21 - 30.

De-Freezing: The Frosty Slime is now cracked in several places as well as its traits from the last two stages. This is melting levels 31 - 49.

Melted: The Frosty Slime despawns leaving a puddle where it despawned. This is melting level 50.


  • Build the plot and properly upgrade before you find the slimes so that you do do not have to worry about them melting as you upgrade the plot.
  • Build a snow machine at a workshop plot and turn some Frosty Plorts into snowball in case you need to stop some Frosty Slimes from melting.
  • Keep Frosty Slimes in a separate pen from Flame Slimes as they will melt Frosty Slimes or freeze the Flame Slimes depending on which there are more of.


  • Frosty Slimes were originally going to be called Snow Slimes.
  • Before the Snowy Tundra and Sky Peaks were added Frosty Slimes were going to be found in an area called the Frost Peaks.

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