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"These slimes really know how to chill."
Frost slimes are fairly common slimes that appear in any areas in winter.

Slimepedia entry


The Frost Slime eats any fruits except for any "hot" fruits. Its favorite is the frozen fig. It hates Raspburry (Pun of Raspberry and Burn) and other hot or burning foods.


The frost slime is a fairly common slime that only appears in the winter.(It has a 45% chance of spawning instead of a pink slime.) It is made of ice, snow, and slime so it melts in the other seasons. It becomes a Puddle slime if thrown into an incinerator. You must buy the "Freezer" corral upgrade to keep them in other seasons. They are pretty useful because they are not too hard to find and are a good source of NewBucks. These slimes are the less dangerous relatives of the Arctic slime. They also fire icicles at tarr that slow them down.

Rancher risks

The frost slime, as said above, will melt in spring, summer, and fall so be careful to get the freezer upgrade if you plan to ranch them. "Hot" foods (like the raspburry) will also melt these slimes. Also, if you touch them for too long you will slow down and take damage. If a Tarr eats a Frost Slime, they will become a Frostbite (Not my slime, Scribblemaster's Slime.)


Frost slime plorts are used as coolants and can melt and freeze quite easily, so they are are used in freeze packs. They are also used as mildly overpriced ice.


The Frost Slime is actually water combined with slime, but frozen by low temperatures. Therefore, they are mostly transparent. They have white eyes like snowballs and have a large icicle protruding from their head.

Tame-'n'-Discover (Fan-made entry for taming Slimes)

The frost slime needs to eat 30 Frozen Figs to tame it. When tamed, they follow you around, and also defend you from Tarr by shooting icicles. The frost slime also makes you a little bit fast when tamed.


To make one without waiting for winter, buy the Slimer, then buy the Temperature Control. Set the temperature to cold. Then, put a Puddle Slime in.


  • They wouldn't flee a Gold Tarr also. Instead, they'd just jump and use it's icicle to attack it instead of shooting it's icicle. This is a reference to Dewy's Attack when cold.
  • Frost Slimes never spawn in Snowlands