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Hieroglyph Slime

"A frill of a time!"

The Frill slime is a slime that lives in Lakelands, Lake 2.

Slimepedia Entry

Diet: Meat

Favorite: Orange Cube


The jolly Frill often looks mad and is aggressive, but it likes to have a Thrill! They've just heard one or two wrong things about corral's, and how they make it hard for some thrill.

Rancher Risks

They simply just attack the rancher. However, they will run away from Tentcals.


Frill Slime Plorts are made for things such as Kites or Hang-Gliders.


A light blue slime with two seaweed-green frill's and white eyes.


  • There is a legend of a frill slime with frill's so big, it can fly...
  • Despite being somewhat based off of a frilled lizard, they are more like fish.
  • ...Herobrine?
  • Credit 2 Ulysses for locations.



'Frill Slime' by Slimegirl1234567890

Ear fins

ContaminatedCorralles version, "Ear Fins."


Jojo's "Something"

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