'Let's work some magic; there's chick, and there's no chick!'

Dog is man's best friend; and so is Doge Rancher's best friend. Until a Foxy comes in, that is.

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Foxy Slimes are one of the rarest and one of most wanted slimes on whole Far, Far Range. It would seem kinda stupid, keeping in mind the fact that they don't produce plorts at all, but everything comes to one simple fact - there might not be more helpful slime than a Foxy. They might just become Rancher's best friends, with their cute faces and tendency to gathering crops in the slio and throwing plorts straight into the market during the night, when the Rancher is asleep and, obviously, cannot take care of their Ranch. And thus, Ranchers all over the far, Far Range are willing to even jump into the Slime Ocean only to get a Doge Slime, and then hoping for the best.

Rancher Risks

There are no risks from Foxy Slime, as it can be encountered only when the Doge Slime brings it into the Ranch. It can be turned into a pet then, like other Canine Slimes. Although, when not feed for more than three days, Foxy Slimes will simply vanish. And whole capacity of your coop with them.


They neither produce any plorts, nor do they eat them; but they do collect plorts of other species and throw into the Market if in a good mood.


Small, red, gooey ball with a long, tail-like appendage and all too catlike smile - this is the perfect depiction of Foxy Slime. They're smaller, faster and smarter than any other known slimes, and all that rancher might hopefully see when they disappear almost magically, is their long tail. They may not be fluffy like foxes on earth, and much rounder than them, but they're still exceptionally adorable.


  • Canine Slimes appear to be the smartest out of whole Slime family, able to attach themselves to rancher like dogs on Earth do, understand simple commands and even recognize words.
  • Foxy Slimes are the smartest out of Canine Slimes.
  • They're not obtainable by any known means. There's a slim chance every day that Doge Slime will bring a Foxy Slime in at the start of each new day.
  • They live in a DogeHouse that can be builded as an extension of Rancher's house. Up to five Canine Slimes can live in one DogeHouse.